Commercial Properties

Commercial Wear & Tear

Commercial properties see a good amount of wear and tear over the years, and to keep businesses coming in, regular maintenance is required. BlastCraft can assist in this maintenance, using its sandblasting technology to mitigate problems including rust, buildup like oil or trash stains on concrete, by resurfacing any concrete or metal surface.


Prompt & Professional

BlastCraft frequently sees jobs that include rust caused by salt used in the winter to prevent ice, which can eat away at the metal, eventually causing it to rust through and requiring total overhaul. Years of repainting old railing doesn’t get to the root of this problem, and rust will bubble up through the paint each time. Instead of waiting and paying high prices to replace railings, sandblasting brings everything back to bare metal, which can be primed and repainted to look good as new, with no rust secretly eating away at the structure from the inside.




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