Dumpster & Truck Restoration

Dumpsters Wanted

With cutting edge equipment and old fashioned values at our core, BlastCraft is focused on stripping unwanted surfaces down to their bare essence and then restoring property back to new.

Founded to make a difference in our community and help people, businesses and the government, we take pride in every project we take on.

We are a young, forward thinking group of individuals that see the value in delivering high quality, professional work. We’re reptuable, responsible and unlike many companies in the construction industry, we prefer to go the extra mile and over deliver on our committments.

Like New Again

BlastCraft provides an alternate solution to the expense of purchasing brand new dumpsters, and can sandblast down the rust to bare metal, and rough up the remaining surface area to allow a new coat of paint to stick properly. After this, two coats of paint are applied to seal in the surface and slow down formation of new rust, leaving your old dumpsters looking brand new.





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